Cultural Association Youth Center IndiJanez is one of the most active associations in Maribor (and beyond) in the field of culture and youth. Our actions in the youth field are primarily focused on non-formal education of young people, equipping them with social and other skills, and spreading awareness of the different intergenerational activities and activities of coexistence in the city, with a focus on young people with fewer opportunities and social inclusion. We work as a volunteer organization. Our MC Pekarna club is an established meeting point for alternative culture, which is an important complement youth activities, and thus the cultural image of the city. The club with music and cultural events is mainly focused on alternative music, with particular presentation of areas that are otherwise commercially neglected (strengthening cultural diversity and support for youth creativity), recognizing the importance of independent production program of the club MC, it recognizes and supports the intangible and long-term impact of alternative music on the community and cultural creation of the city, especially in the context of access to musical and cultural goods, education, critical thinking and creative opportunities and personal development of individuals.